Astrology Birth Chart Report + Question answer

Astrology Birth Chart Report: What is this?

Unlike the weekly zodiac sign horoscope, the astrology birth chart report is a complete analysis of your astrological map (birth chart). This means you will receive an extensive text of few pages which outlines your innate characteristics. Furthermore, you will learn what are the challenges and your blessing in each area of your life ( personal, relationships, business, money, family, career…etc). Not only that but you will also learn how to manage those areas in your life.

Question answer and why it is important

Do you want to receive an answer to your pending questions regarding your business, your relationship, lost objects, travels? The answer to almost every question can be determined easily through astrology calculations. That’s why I am here to help you. If you are wondering how to proceed with a specific business decision or if you can’t decide whether to buy a new property or not astrology has its answers for you.

Write an email to with following:

1. Please write an email with: FULL NAME, birth date, the exact hour of birth, birth place and sex in order to calculate the birth chart.
2. Write your additional question and the town (country) you are currently residing.

Please bear in mind it take up to 5 days to send you the reading.

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