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Can we see the Magic?

Have you ever read some of the fantastic work Terry Pratchett published? Well, I did, and I was surprised how much he knew about Magic. Yes, Magic! His books are not only fantasy masterpieces created by his imagination and then poured through his hands on the paper. He was aware that ordinary people wouldn’t accept the truth unless it is served in a way that doesn’t bother mind logic. Fantasy books, movies, theatres, mythology, paintings, music almost every type of art is acceptable and highly valued because in society we accept it as imagination. In comparison, if he claimed his books contained knowledge about other realities or our natural abilities, no one would read his books. He wouldn’t become worldly famous, and his books would fall into the category of esoterism. They wouldn’t even be considered as an option by millions of people.

If Michelangelo had proclaimed himself an alchemist, discoverer of the “philosopher stone” he would probably be killed right away. If he explained the hidden meaning of codes and symbols his masterpieces reveal to the naked eye, his paintings would have been burned long ago.

In case you want to leave something meaningful for generations ahead, call it art. It is the perfect cover for every discovery people are not ready to understand. Then a time will come for it to be shown to the world. Isn’t it fascinating how more than 500 years we can barely understand the art of our ancestors or the symbols of the traditional rituals of native tribes? There are so many mysteries waiting to be discovered, but as long as we perceive them as fantasies, tales, games of imagination, or nonsense, we are robbing our past, present, and future.

The modern world has made us rigid, insensible to old knowledge. We talk about reality, but we can’t define it. We live an ordinary life, but it seems like a foggy dream. We become blunt for our life’s ultimate purpose and prefer to hide, to run or sleep. Our world became smaller and smaller because we wanted to separate ourselves from others, to become independent, separate unique individual that has nothing to do with other. We chose to close our eyes when we have the opportunity to do something meaningful. Every single day of our lives we have choices, we can choose to connect to our inner source of wisdom or separate from it.

Fantasy becoming reality

Movies show us so many lifetimes of people we don’t know, stories of families, tragedies, happy endings, so many stories which inspire us or make us introspect our life. As I said Art holds unlimited power for change, it provokes us; it brings back questions we have forgotten. Fantasy books show us stories about brave knights, magicians, potions, transformations but how this helps us in daily life? Isn’t it just beautifully written stories for children who still believe in miracles and fantasy heroes? I have another question… do you think your dreams are also plays of your imagination? Then how our night dreams can show our past or future? Why do they feel so real, like it happened? It feels that way because it really happened. The fantasy world is as real as our waking life. That’s the place where our most appreciated artists take inspiration from. Einstein discovered some of his theories through his dreams, and although he was a scientist, he was fully aware of our unconscious capabilities, he believed in the mysteries our universe holds and that everything comes to us at the right time.

So why we continue denying the existence of this alter reality we live in unconsciously? We enter there every night, we live in the physical world with material representation, but all of this consists of invisible energy, life forces, spirits, magic as we call it. It’s not just magic but universal laws of energy flow, the law of attraction and repulsion, Karma, etc. Our real world as we know it is moved by invisible forces and the more we know about these forces, the more conscious we are about the cause and effect of every act. We call Magic to everything we can’t understand, to every action that happens without seeing the underlying reason for it. We call “illusionist” a person who shows you a focus, but he knows he is deceiving your perception. The same way our perception of reality is deceived or distorted. We call it serendipity, Faith or good fortune but for the person who sees the world as physical and energetical representation in one, it is very well justified cause and effect. Everything has cause and effect, and nothing happens without reason. The whole universe would be a chaotic place of existence if this were true.

Be the observer

It is much more difficult to watch a play if you are one of the actors who is playing in it. You won’t be able to see the whole play because you are actively participating in it. You won’t be able to see many actions that happen synchronically while you are moving on the stage. You won’t see the perfect positions of your surrounding actors playing their roles, being involved with every one of their senses in the play, playing a previously written script. But you see, the spectators can observe the whole play from aside, they perceive the entire play as synchronized acts with higher meaning. They watch and understand the cause and effect, the role of every actor and how it is all connected by invisible cords. Viewers can see the play in its wholeness as a story revealing beginning, conflicts, culmination, resolution, the end. It’s a never-ending wave with highs and lows

It is the same with our lives although we can rarely see it as an observer, as a passive viewer. But if we are lucky in those precious moments, the mystery of our life reveals itself in front of us. We can see for a first time, not from the point of a victim or blunt actor, but from the position of the play writer. Only then we are capable of understanding the meaning of every act, good or bad and perceive it as a beautiful masterpiece. And that’s called real Magic! 🙂

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