Imagery work

Imagery and Unconditioned living

The State of Being Unconditioned
In opening ourselves to the invisible reality, we are changing from being conditioned beings to become unconditioned beings.
How do unconditioned beings live?
For example, what would be unconditional feeling? Love. I love you, and I do not need anything back from you to make my love meaningful or to give it worth. It is what it is. I do not necessarily need to be loved in return because love is. It is an unconditional state. That is true love.
What is unconditional action? Faith. The willingness to leap into uncertainty, the willingness to make up your mind and choose, or decide without indecision or doubt. Without recourse to what the world thinks, you come to trust yourself and your relationship to invisible reality.
What is unconditional language? Image. The image comes from an invisible source. It is the sacred language. Through image, we come to the storehouse consciousness where images repose.We plunge into this storehouse consciousness to find the images, and the process is not dependent or contingent on anything around us. Images stand on their own, unassociated with any other content.
What is unconditional thinking? Intuition. Intuition is unconditional thought because it is not dependent on the outside; it is dependent only on listening to one’s inner voice. It is not influenced by the external world, where we are suggestible and capable of being influenced virtually all of the time. But if we ask questions of ourselves – as we have done in the exercises in this book – and hear the answers come to us, then our intuition is functioning. When you are listening to the inner voice that comes to you, the language of truth channels itself through you. You are now thinking unconditionally and independent of the world.
From Gerald Epstein – Kabbalah for Inner Peace – Imagery exercises
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