7 ways to get rid of depression
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7 ways to get rid of Depression

Depression – constant reminder that you are helpless. Well, not really! There are many things you can do to help yourself get out of the stagnant dreadful state almost everyone has been in. And I have good news, it’s free and it doesn’t include pills. Yes, that’s right no pills and no need to go to a therapist. We got used to the easy way of maintaining balance through medications but there is a way out and you just need to put some good old will and keep going. It takes time to learn how to cherish your life and throw away old habits but believe me it is totally worth it!
I know it’s almost impossible to believe in yourself when you are crawling on the floor but I have been there and I understand you completely.

Let’ get rid of depression, shall we?

We all have to start somewhere, don’t we? So let’s take small steps but one by one and soon you will feel the change.
I urge you to take a notebook and start writing down everything you feel. IT doesn’t matter what exactly you are writing, it is important that it comes from you. You can start describing your feelings or the absence of such, but just continue writing everything that comes to your mind. Soon you will realize how much you are actually holding on inside you. Most of us don’t even realize how we are blocking or ignoring our emotions all the time thinking that it is irrelevant or shameful. We are shutting down our senses for all the good reasons but the truth is, it makes more damage than expected. Establish a routine every day to write in this notebook for as long as you wish. It might be 15 minutes or 30 min but do it every day.

Finally, finish every session of writing with this: “but everything happens the best possible way”. Honestly, it will start changing the way you are thinking without even notice it. Whatever bad or negative things you are sharing in your notebook, finish it with this expression and even say it out loud and your thoughts will start turning positive.

Move those hips!

Yes, you read it right! Dance, move, walk, this should be like a mantra to you. You would be surprised how important is the movement for our body and mind. It keeps them sane and in a good shape 🙂 Secondly, if you decide to join a dance class, you might actually meet likeminded people who are also enjoying music and life as well. Yoga is quite more relaxing and the eastern philosophy behind it is also fascinating. It helps not only our body in a wonderful energy state and relaxes it in a very soothing way. Honestly, I can’t even count the benefits Yoga brought to my life since I started practising it. Every move is a flow and every breath is a gift. You can start with long walks in nature if you are not sure what activity to choose. In a while making a list what exactly made you happy when you were a child, select one like, skating, riding a bicycle or any other fun activity that was keeping you out of home for a while.

how to get rid of depression

Music is the key!

Music can be a source of inspiration and joy. It brings good vibes and lifts our spirit. Make a playlist with your favourite positive and uplifting songs you have always admired. The kind of beat that makes your body move without even notice. Start the day with this playlist and soon move it to the next level and create playlists like this for starting the day, for your walks outside, a playlist for when you are feeling low and unmotivated. It will do the magic, cast depression away and make you feel much better at once. Update the lists every time you hear a new inspiring melody and they will naturally bring your mood back on track. Also, I would be grateful if you share some of your most loved songs in the comments below for everyone who reads this post 🙂

Balance your emotions with flower essences

First thing first, let’s clarify what is flower essence and why it is so miraculous. I have been using Bach flower essences since my mother started her practice as a Bach flower essence practitioner. Let’s say I was her first client with mood fluctuations and anxiety. Let me first say that these flower essences are not in any way chemicals or prepared in a Lab or influences in any way by the medical industry. You know how we use the herbs to prepare teas and potions and each flower has its specific treatment abilities? Well, Bach flower essences work in a similar way but they are balancing your emotional and mental state in a very gentle way. They can get you it of a very serious depression even without medications. If you want to learn more about this method, I will leave a link to an authorised website to a Bach flower essence centre. https://www.bachcentre.com/centre/firstpag.htm

Be creative

We all have some creative part hidden somewhere, it’s just a matter of intention and practice to find it and let it bloom. Some people like to draw and others like DIY. There are people who enjoy their free time while organising their home, cleaning and tidying. Well, something must spark the joy and excitement in you. If you are not sure what exactly works for you switch between several fun activities. The goal is whatever you do, do it mindfully. Be there in the moment, express gratitude for what you do and do it with your focused attention. Whether it is folding the laundry or cooking or organising your cabinets, everything can be pleasureful with the right approach and little love.

What did you say? Be Mindful?

There are many apps which can help you de-stress or meditate. I am going to offer one specific application which I enjoy using daily and it’s called Mindfulness. It is so useful because it reminds you every day how to slow down and quickly switch your focus internally using your breach and quick relaxation. If you don’t know how to start meditating and you are probably new to the whole mindfulness concept, this is a good start and it has beautiful graphics you can enjoy as well. You don’t have to go too deep to try it out and see how it works for you. Of course, there are many other options on the market. If this is a new pool to you don’t be afraid to experiment. Researches say that meditation is one of the easiest ways to calm your anxiety and create reserves of inner strength and peace. Depression is an effect of a long-term exposure on stress which depletes our inner reserves of energy and strength.

daily gratitude and depression

We are what we eat

You have probably heard that before and it’s not one of those quotes from a famous nutritionist. This is actually true. Everything that we put in our body affects directly our physical condition, our mood and our mind. For example, if you try to eat mainly raw food like veggies and fruits, nuts for a few days you will notice a major difference in your state of mind and your energy levels as well. That’s because raw food is easily processed by our body, it gives lots of enzymes, vitamins, energy boosters and it’s clean and light. Your senses might be sharper and your body will start some light detox process.

Instead, if you eat mainly meat for a few days, you will notice that you are much heavier after a meal and you won’t have that lightness and fresh look on your skin even. Since I am not including fast food in this account and all packaged well here it’s clear that these food choices are not the healthiest. Finally, you can just try it for a week and observe your reaction to a different diet.
I would recommend lots of green veggies, salads with quinoa and little nuts. Fruits are also essentials for balanced nutrition. Of course, drinking water daily and I mean a good amount of it – around 2 litres.

Reiki for life

I won’t stop telling people how the healing energy of Reiki changed my life and helped me through my tough teenage years and early adulthood. Surely I wasn’t the most cheerful chick in the class even the opposite. My life consisted of many long periods of depression and I was withdrawn from the world around me. Once I got the first level of Reiki I started a routine. Every night without excuses I was giving myself full body Reiki treatment before I go to sleep. This small change made a huge impact in my life and I started noticing changes in overall mood very quickly. I was more engaged in day to day activities and I was really excited about trying new things. I became more positive and calm and my  faith in the bright future ahead of me became stronger. This is an amazing tool which will never let you down if you use it regularly. Miracles happen and this is a true story 🙂

Don’t forget that we are all going through a variable of moods all the time. Let’s not make them a permanent state of mind and be aware that the balance is somewhere in between and we just need to reach out and grab it. Look in a different perspective towards your life goals and your current life situation. It is a part of a bigger plan which will take you somewhere.

I always say that there is something to learn from every difficulty and every obstacle make us wiser. Use every possible moment to change your life for the best.

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