How to: Energy Balance and Integrity

From Polarity to Energy Balance:

Beyond energy balance : Because our mind is polar, we are always experiencing life in white or black shades, good or bad. We perceive the world around us as a set of extreme opposites. Our brain is biologically created as a bipolar system – left and right – logical and creative.
It became difficult for me to answer questions that come from the polarity of the mind. What I mean by that is people often asking me is this bad or good? Does regression help or rather hinder?  This lifestyle is spiritual and, the other is profane. I want to go to the light and reject the darkness.

And here I must ask why do we go only one way? Why should we only accept the good and ignore the bad? In fact, I do not like those words – good and bad. There is neither good nor bad. There is Experience. One would not exist without the other – that means, they are complementing each other. Only in our mind, they appear separated, two opposites who can’t get along.

Accept your Shadow

The more you fight for the light, the more darkness you will attract until you realise that they are equal and you don’t have to fight or strive. What we can do is assume that both exist and we are part of this symbiosis. There are both black and white in ourselves. There is also male and female energy, the energy balance between them leads to a balance between the polarities of the mind. Do not just choose only the light, pick the shadow inside you. What you are afraid of, what you are running from, whether it’s a vice, whether it’s your ego, embrace it, illuminate it, accept it and integrate it. What am I talking about?

Energy balance and integrity beyond

Energy Balance in Partnership

Take for example a relationship. You may attract a partner who represents your shadows so that you can understand and accept them. Everything that annoys you in that person is a projection of your subconscious. He holds the mirror of your dark side that you do not want to accept. The conflicts between partners can sometimes be very constructive because only through external conflict one can look inward where the source originates. You attract the right partner to heal your wounds from childhood, maybe even from past life. Relationships provide the best opportunities for personal growth and energy balance. Every conflict is pushing you to look at yourself and realise the polarity? What causes these emotions in you? Lack of love? Lack of acceptance?

Leave behind the expectations and illusions

Illusions often hide under a thick layer of Ego or let’s say the desires of the Ego. If we have expectations towards someone, that means we don’t accept the person as he is. We are trying to control the outcome, to hold the person into something we believe is…perfect. But we are all perfect already by default. Expectations create tension between people, which subsequently erupts in the form of anger and disappointment. Strong desires or passions are actually unsatisfied inner gaps, they come from lack of love since early childhood.
The illusion that someone else outside will fill this gap, this longing, is also an illusion. Only you can fill in that gap. Only you can become aware of the imperfections, the shadows, the unconscious thoughts, you can heal them and make them part of yourself and your personality. Otherwise, through our whole life, we are subjected to internal processes which we do not understand they are pushing us into relationships we can’t handle properly.

How to: energy balance and integrity

Harmony is the key

Harmony means integrity and energy balance; therefore the person who we are going to attract will represent that balance which is within is, this wholeness and acceptance will become our primary state of mind.

We attract what is within us. If we feel ashamed – we will attract people and situations that will evoke this emotion over and over again until we see it clearly and attempt to heal it. Living in a state of integrity means that we will attract ever more harmonious relationships and not only that, it means we will create them, and this is a Mastery.

One way you can help yourself on the path to energy balance is Reiki healing and you should totally check this article below for more information 🙂 

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