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My path with Reiki

When I got into Reiki for the first time I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even know what Reiki is, except that it is related to healing. The way life works is so surprising sometimes. My mother heard about Reiki from her colleague and decided to sign me up for the First level class Reiki. Isn’t that surprising? She had this inner voice that told her I should go and this type of healing will be beneficial for me.  Instead of signing herself up, she gave my name and I was only 17 years old with no clue of what is going to happen there.

Childhood dreams

When I was little I was convinced that I can heal people with my hands. I used to put mu palms on the painful area of the body and close my eyes telling other person to close their eyes too. Then I knew the magic will happen, I was visualising the body healthy, with no pain or scar.  The truth is it was working, everyone was amazed. When I grew a bit, f course I stopped doing it, because I was self conscious and I wanted to fit in. I didn’t want to be the weirdo claiming to have special healing powers. Anyway, this mindset changed when I attended my first Reiki class.  We were a big group 3o people and our teacher was going through the method in details when I realised that this was the same method I was using when I was little. Mesmerised by it’s power, I got really excited and wanted to learn more and more about it. I have always been interested in mysticism and magic as most of the children but this Magic was really happening. Under the healing touch of my hands people were starting to feel better and this was my inspiration, my drive…

My first steps as Reiki practitioner

For the next few years I wasn’t practicing that often, but at the right time I met my new Reiki teacher. She inspired me again and I decided to take II-nd and III-rd level and establish a practice as Reiki Healer back in Bulgaria. I was impatient to start giving Reiki and help the world be a better place. In the beginning I couldn’t understand why so many people were sceptical and didn’t even want to try it, although it cost them nothing. Of course there are lessons we learn along the way and this was one of those important lessons I needed time to digest.

What is your decision?

Everyone who comes to me should take this decision on his own. Not everyone is ready to turn to alternative medicine or energy healing and that’s completely understandable for me now. We all have our paths and each one is different. I became much more patient and understanding with people and their needs. I also took MA in Psychology which helped me greatly on my path as a consultant and healer. The moment of start teaching other people came when I thought I wasn’t ready. Despite this fact I started giving away my learnings and my greatest gift was to see people’s lives changing. I wan everyone to be able to heal themselves, because the goal of every teaching is to find your own strength inside of you. We all possess super powers but we need time and space to discover that for ourselves.

Here I am and once again I invite you to discover yourself through Reiki or any other practice of your choice. I can help you get a glimpse of beautiful healing energy and decide if it suits you.



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