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Do you know what Reiki Distant Healing is?

Reiki is my favourite method for supporting healing forces of our bodies. The energy works on a subtle level and at the same time helps the physical body to return to its healthy natural state. It repairs the damages quickly

With Reiki, you can send distant healing to another person through space and time. I love this practice because you can be at home laying in bed and just relaxing while I send you Reiki. Distant healing with Reiki is like a typical Reiki session but using the Reiki symbol of distant healing it can be transmitted through space and time. You can use it in many situations. Many people have called me in distress after an accident or a heartbreak for such healing, and it works like a miracle every time. Time and space have never been a limitation for the Reiki life force.

Reiki will help you to manage:
  • Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Flu/Cold
  • Illnesses
  • Find your life purpose
  • Self-awareness
  • Relationships
  • Karma

There are so many more situations where Reiki helps you to balance yourself and get out of the difficulties you are currently facing.

There are various distant healing sessions described below so make your choice.

Intense Distant Reiki Healing – 30 min.

This session is a good start with so that you can relax and feel the energy, get to know the sensations and boost your vitality. It can also help you in case of emergency situations where you feel sick, emotionally unstable or in pain. This session won’t do miracles, but it will help you to get through the crisis or lift you up for a while.

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Problem-Focused Reiki Healing – 45 min

It would be helpful if you could point out your current struggles, issue, or physical discomforts if such. This information will be vital for this type of healing as I will concentrate on the healing of the problem mentioned in your notes. It can be anything from issues at work, conflicts, money difficulties, or any other situation where you need clarity, resolution and balance.

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Full Body Reiki Healing – 1 hour

Full Body Reiki healing is an extended session which will echo profoundly into you for a long time. This type of sessions has the potential to transform your body, mind and spirit when done in separate sessions over time. I recommend it for people who are recovering from a long-lasting illness or have severe health issues. When applying Reiki in addition to traditional medicine, it can significantly support the healing and shorten the recovery process. Not to mention even help reduce the chance of reappearing.

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Relationship Healing with Reiki – 30 min

Relationships are a significant part of our life and can mean the world to us. Often struggles in a personal or family relationship is the cause of emotional distress, depressions. It would be much easier if we could find a balancing point where we can find peace and self the conflicts in a healthy way. That’s where you can apply Reiki with great success. Also, it clears the Karmic knots between you and your partner.

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Karmic Reiki Healing – 30 min

The main reason we are here on Earth is Karma, and everything that happens to us is because we have “good” or “bad” deeds in our past. The more accurate explanation for me is “What goes around comes back around”, that’s the universal law that keeps the balance in the Universe. The Karmic healing with Reiki allows the energy to clean the reason or the initial problem of back in time when it first appeared. It will enable issues to be resolved with ease and love.

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I am expecting to meet every soul on its journey to the light and help in any way I can. Let there be light and love on your path!

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