What is Reiki

What is Reiki Healing?

What is Reiki Healing: this is a wonderful energy and possibly a life-changing path for many people who decided to try its benefits.

This simple word Reiki combines two smaller meaningful syllables Rei which means God, Wisdom, Spirit, and Ki which means Universal life energy. This combination describes what this beautiful healing force actually is – divinely guided Universal Energy. It is channeled through the chakras on the palms of the hands, so it is well known as a system of healing using hands and positions of the body. Also can be sent from a distance or applied directly to your physical body. Reiki is a well-organized healing system or for some people, it becomes a path for development, conscious inner work, and life-changing experience.

Reiki benefits:

  • heal physical illnesses
  • reduce stress
  • regulate sleep
  • enhance your concentration
  • heal emotional trauma
  • balance relationships
  • improve your self-esteem
  • work on behavior patterns that block your true power
  • release Karma
  • work on a future event
  • develop new abilities
  • enjoy life
  • attract wealth and health
  • attract the best partner for you


How to start using Reiki healing

 You can be attuned to Reiki from a certified Reiki healer. Every healer must have gone through an initiation from another master so that he can successfully channel Reiki as a healing energy. Usually there are organised Reiki courses for attunement but if you prefer personal initiation (attunement) it can be organised by the Reiki Master you have chose.

There are 3 levels of attunement in the original Japanese Reiki system created by Mikao Ususi.

The 1st Level of Reiki is dedicated to the healing of our physical body. It is good to practice giving Reiki as frequent as you can but there are no obligations of course. The more you use the energy the more familiar you will become with its benefits. Another reason is that you will become much more confident. Finally you will easily notice all the changes Reiki brought to your health, quality of life and state of mind.

The 2nd Level of Reiki is dedicated to people who want to deeper their knowledge and expand their awareness of the possible applications of Reiki. This level includes 3 Reiki symbols which are given to the student. Now you will be able to send Reiki from a distance. You will also learn how to use the energy to heal your emotional traumas, change your thinking patterns, resolve karmic issues etc.

The 3rd Level of is reserved for people who want to become teachers and use the energy on larger scale to help more people and change lives.

Reiki session

Every session continues between 30-40-50 minutes depending on the current state of the person receiving this healing treatment. It is a very balancing experience. You only need to relax and this usually happens naturally in the healing hands of your Reiki practitioner. In few minutes all the stress and tension goes away and people often times fall asleep. This is a normal reaction of your body and mind which will allow the healing to be even more intense because your conscious mind won’t interfere with the process. Other people have waking dreams or visions, everything depends on your personal level of awareness and your sensitivity.  If you allow your body and mind to naturally relax and trust the process, the experience might be subtle or even deeply touching.

Important to know:

Most importantly, Reiki is Divinely guided energy which means that it will start the healing process where you need it the most. It might be on a physical level, emotional or start changing your mindset. It works only for your highest good. Reiki cannot be harmful, it can never affect you or anyone else in a bad way, it is used for healing, and balancing your physical, emotional and mental levels.

Classical positions of the hands of the healer can be seen below in this picture. If you are a Reiki practitioner you can follow these hands positions and do them on your body or try giving Reiki to someone else.


what is reiki healing

What are the positions of the hands in Reiki healing


Choose a different approach

If you have a serious physical problem one session with Reiki probably won’t heal it, but being consistent and having regular Reiki sessions can improve greatly your state, not only on a physical level. As we know we are not only our physical bodies and every illness has its roots somewhere in our energetic bodies. Reiki reals not only our physical body but it affects us on every level. It heals our wounds from past lives, it changes our thinking patterns and replaces bad behavior with new good habits. Awareness changes dramatically when people start using Reiki daily. My students have mentioned so many good stories of how Reiki has helped them in difficult situations and how long suffered traumas has been healed.

My greatest inspiration is seeing more happy people using their abilities for good and helping other people. I began my healing path with Reiki and ever since it was by my side as a supporting source of energy, power, healing, and development.

Finally, If you would like to try the benefits from Reiki Healing session you should check out my article below and book an appointment. 🙂

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    • Hi Oscar,

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts here. I believe it is essential for people to know there are alternatives to conventional medicine and that we are one being – Body and Spirit, and it should be treated as a whole.
      As a Reiki practitioner, I learned a lot when I started practicing on other people. I was giving Reiki treatments to everyone around me if they asked. It brought me so much more understanding and sensitivity to my hands. As I always say, Reiki is a path, not only a healing tool. The more you use it, the deeper your understanding becomes.

      Thank you again! Bless you!


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